high vibration person, Your energy is Your Power

By Prosperous Coach Stephane

I totally get it. There was a time when being around certain folks just sapped the life out of me. But listen, diving into personal development was a game-changer. I figured out that I’ve got control over my energy, my vibe—so wherever I go, that energy comes with me. And that’s powerful.

High Vibrational Frequency: What It Means and Why It’s Awesome

Let’s get into it. High-vibration people aren’t just smiling for selfies. It goes way deeper. These folks have this inner peace thing going on, and it’s infectious. But don’t get it twisted; they’re not perfect.

They still face challenges like everyone else, but it’s their vibe that makes the struggle seem like a part of the journey, not the end of the road.

It’s On You to Manage Your Space

So you’re gonna cross paths with people who are vibing on a lower frequency, right? Maybe they’re dealing with their own stuff, or maybe that’s just where they’re at. Either way, it’s on you to manage your energy around that. Don’t let anyone rent space in your head or heart if they’re not bringing something constructive to the table.

Choosing Your Tribe

You don’t have to cut people out, but you’ve got the freedom to choose who you spend the majority of your time with. Fill that circle with high-vibe folks who lift you up, not bring you down. Be intentional about it, and don’t feel bad about setting boundaries.

Your Energy, Your Sanctuary

Imagine you’ve got this protective bubble of positivity around you. It’s your sanctuary, and you take it wherever you go. No matter what kind of energy is flying around, yours remains untouched. That’s your power. So even when you can’t control what’s going on outside, you’ve got a handle on what’s happening within.

Tapping into the Subconscious To Raise Your Vibration

Since you’re in the subconscious mind, try visualizing that sanctuary. Making it real in your mind, and your subconscious will help make it real in your life. Techniques like affirmations and positive self-talk can keep that protective bubble strong.

Your subconscious is like this fertile soil. Plant good seeds and you’ll reap the good vibes.

Elevating Your Own Vibration

For real, if you want to jump on this high-vibe train, it’s totally doable. There are a bunch of ways like mindfulness, affirmations, and other cool stuff.

And considering you’re all into the subconscious mind, visualization, and positive affirmation could be right up your alley. Imagine reprogramming your mind to be your own personal hype man!

Keep It Real, Keep High Vibration Habits

Life’s too short to be dragged down by low energy. Guard your vibe like it’s a treasure because, honestly, it is. And the more you focus on keeping your energy high, the more you’ll attract people and experiences that resonate with that. It’s all interconnected.

The Checklist for Spotting High vibration people

You can usually spot these high-vibe individuals a mile away, but if you’re new to the game, look for signs like emotional intelligence, empathy, and this kind of overflowing generosity. They’re like the human embodiment of a feel-good playlist.

Surrounding Yourself with People With High Vibration

Let me tell you, when you’re a high-vibration person, you naturally attract others who are the same. And where can you meet such people? Personal development seminars, mindfulness retreats, volunteer spots, or even artsy communities. Your vibe attracts your tribe, as they say.

Man, What to Do with the Low-Vibration Crowd

Now, the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, right? You’re gonna bump into people with lower-vibration energy. But here’s the kicker—you don’t have to let them bring you down. Set up those emotional boundaries, like real walls, man.

Keep a check on how you’re feeling and don’t be shy to disengage subtly. If you gotta be around them, at least plan it so it’s sandwiched between some high-vibe activities.

The Art of Keeping Your Cool

And hey, if you can’t dodge ’em, you’ve still got tools to keep your cool. Use quick meditations, or maybe just go for a walk to recharge your batteries.

And guess what? The subconscious mind is like your secret weapon. Picture yourself in a bubble of good vibes whenever you step into low-vibe territory. It’s a mind game, and you can totally win it.

Take Your Energy Everywhere, It’s Yours

This is the crux. Wherever you go, taking your own energy with you is like carrying your sanctuary. You become the master of your domain? You can dodge and weave through all kinds of energy, all while keeping your vibe intact.

You’ve got this personal responsibility to keep your energy pristine, like tending to a garden only you can see.

Your Pocket Sanctuary: A Mental Toolkit for Good Vibes Only

Ah, the mental toolkit, man, that’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your soul. Think about it. Sometimes life throws curveballs, and you gotta be quick on your feet.

That’s where this pocket sanctuary comes into play. It’s your go-to spot for immediate vibe recalibration.

The Essentials: What Goes in the Toolkit

What’s cool about this toolkit is that it’s super personalized. You could pack it with affirmations that pump you up, like mini pep talks. Or maybe you’re into mindfulness exercises, like a 60-second breathing drill to bring you back to center.

You know, it’s like having a playlist of your favorite songs, except each “track” is a mental exercise to get you back in the groove.

The Benefits: Why You Absolutely Need One

The toolkit isn’t just a cool concept; it has real benefits. First off, you get to carry your high vibe everywhere. So if you bump into someone who’s radiating bad energy, you can whip out your toolkit and maintain your space.

It’s like having an emotional bulletproof vest.

Secondly, you get to influence others too. Ever notice how a good vibe can be contagious? Well, your toolkit can help spread that energy around like confetti at a parade.

On-the-Spot Fixes: The Quick Hacks

Let’s say you find yourself in a situation where you can feel your energy taking a hit. No worries. You can pull out a quick affirmation or even a visualization exercise from your toolkit.

Imagine it as your own personal “reset button.” You hit it, and boom, you’re back in the game, ready to face whatever comes next.

Upgrade and Customize: Keeping the Toolkit Fresh

The coolest part? You can always add more tools. Life’s all about growth and change, right? So as you learn and evolve, your toolkit should too.

You can find new affirmations, new mindfulness techniques, or even little rituals that help you connect with your higher self. It’s an ever-evolving resource that grows with you.

Your mental toolkit isn’t just a set of coping mechanisms; it’s a portable sanctuary for your soul. Whenever life tries to drag you down, you’ve got this pocket-sized powerhouse to lift you right back up.

Trust me, once you’ve got this toolkit, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

It’s All About the Journey, Not Just the Destination

In the end, it’s a lifestyle choice. The more you practice, the better you get at maintaining your energy. And that’s like leveling up in life.

You grow, you learn, and most importantly, you vibe at your own frequency. So go out there, spread those good vibes, and make sure to pack your energy with you—because, man, it’s a game-changer.

What does it mean if you are a high-vibration person?

Being a high-vibration person means that you carry a positive and powerful energy within you. It’s a state of being where you are aligned with your true self and radiate positivity, love, and joy.

Your high vibration not only uplifts yourself but also has the ability to positively influence the people and environment around you.

How do I know if my vibration is high frequency?

If you are unsure about your vibration frequency, there are signs to indicate if you have a high frequency. These signs include feeling consistently positive, having a strong connection with your intuition, experiencing synchronicities, attracting positive experiences and relationships, and feeling a sense of inner peace and fulfillment.


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